"The Bumper Book of Norwegian Folk Tales" (English)

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Annemor Sundbø:  "Invisible Threads in knitting" (English)

The 3. book from this author!

A knitting book for anyone interested is culture  and anyone who likes to knit.
The book uses knitting memories, the language of symbols, folk believes and leftover yarns as the exciting means of traveling into the world of knitting techniques.
There is magic in these patterns which conjure up all sorts of form and figures just by using two needles and garter stitch.

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Annemor Sundbø:  
"Everyday knitting - Treasures from a ragpile" (English)

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This book is a treasure trove of knitting patterns and cultural history. 
The author unravels the fascinating history of traditional knitting, 
a story revealed by investigations in a pile of knitted rags left behind in the storage bins of a "shoddy" factory.
This rag pile reveals the close historical ties between everyday knitting in Norway
and traditional knitting in Europe. The book provides a glimpse of creativity in the everyday life of knitters. 
Anyone with a genuine interest for knitting is sure to find a wealth of inspiration and ideas. 

Diagrams and patterns give advice on how to develop your own patterns from traditional motifs.
This is an unusual book for creative readers with cultural interests.

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